Hädanfärd - Avoghetens Besvärtade ÅkallelserHädanfärd’s ‘Avoghetens Besvärtade Åkallelser’ is the third of the trio of records released simultaneously by Mysticism Productions recently and it is also by far and away the worst of the batch. This is a compilation, featuring both songs from the ‘Destruktiva Reflektioner’ 7” EP unleashed by Darker Than Black earlier this year plus six other tracks culled from fuck knows where. Possibly from up someone’s arsehole, by the sound of things.

I know I quite enjoyed ‘Smutsiga Sinnen’ around this time last year (I’m almost afraid to listen to it again…), but I find this latest effort to be pretty awful. Irritating jangly guitars, repetitive Indie-orientated vibes, annoying atmosphere, dumb melodies and just plain shit to be blunt. Some of the cleaner, sung Vikings-swordfighting-in-a-steamroom vocals on Side B are truly horrendous and I’d have to say that, apart from an outstanding resale value, this record has no other redeeming feature.

That’s the problem with Ancient Records / Mysticism Productions: the releases are very hit and miss, veering wildly between brilliant and dung, with no way of checking out the tunes in advance … so you have to purchase blindly. Alas, this one is a real howler. How in fuck’s name could anybody enjoy listening to such rubbish?

Evilometer: 000/666