MIZMOR – YODH 2LP (Gilead Media)

Mizmor - YodhWeighing in a minute and a half beyond the hour mark, Mizmor’s sprawling second full-length, ‘Yodh’, is a crushing, monstrous slab of bitter desolation and despondency. For all its raw potency, the album is also imbued with a poignant and harrowing peculiarity

Sadness and loneliness accompany the rage to create a desperate, forlorn journey. It’s complex and convoluted and ambitious, fucking together some Doom and Ambience and Drone along with the requisite one-man Black Metal magnificence to deliver something indeed very special.

From the spectacular artwork adorning the thick gatefold jacket to the unique and memorable music contained on the two substantial records, here’s a release not to be ignored (lyrics and download code also included).

מזמור will quite simply take your breath away. Same way as a punctured lung or a boot to the gonads does. Or death, even.

Evilometer: 666/666