White Death - White DeathFor the most part, this is extremely nasty stuff. Vritrahn’s vocals are particularly venomous and the album is blistering and skin-shredding, apart from the occasional soaring, melodious moment and an unnecessary (but fun) outbreak of Heavy Metal towards the end of ‘White Death’s Power’.

Generally speaking (and what other way is there to converse?), ‘White Death’ is excellent and my only (admittedly puerile) regret is that there are no lyrics included as the song titles are interesting and I’d like to see what these patently Satanic Finns are raging about.

I suspect it’s probably your run-of-the-mill anti-christian, anti-human, anti-all-things diatribe – a fist in the throat of the priests and a boot to the face of the believers. For which there’s a lot to be said. Nothing original here really but one could contend that this is how Black Metal was always supposed to be. Ugly and coarse and full of hate. With devilish, mischievous melodies at play to magnify the mockery.

Let the churches burn and the flock inside roast like lambs on a spit, the dumb fucks.

Evilometer: 666/666