NAHTRUNAR – SYMBOLISMUS 2LP (Altare Productions / Arcane Angels)

Nahtrunar - SymbolismusOne of the many things I like about this release is that the fourth side of the records isn’t blank, nor does it contain an etching aimed at cretins with the mentality of twelve-year-olds. Instead, it houses Nahtrunar’s (three-track) 2014  demo, bringing the total running time to an unreasonably generous 76 minutes or thereabouts.

Of course, this wouldn’t mean much if the quality didn’t match the quantity but, in the case of ‘Symbolismus’, it’s accurate to report that we’re dealing with a unique and exceptional release from a wonderful, wonderful act.

Even though the entire album is superb, I particularly love Side B and could very easily listen to the depressive delight that is ‘Gestaltenwandler’ on a loop for the rest of my life if such an existence was viable.

Existenz’ is more than viable, however.

Evilometer: 666/666