Ninkharsag - The Blood Of Celestial KingsOriginality is overrated, innit. I mean, how could it be original and still be Black Metal? Is that even possible? Those who love BM surely aren’t looking for anything particularly unique or ground-breaking – passion, spirit, menace and conviction are way more important attributes.

Having said all of that, UK greenhorns Ninkharsag really are part of the Black-Metal-by-numbers brigade and – for all its impressive execution – there’s nothing remotely fresh or memorable about their debut full-length, ‘The Blood Of Celestial Kings’ (the fact that they are signed to Candlelight speaks for itself in this respect).

Still, this is a good album, although by no means a great one. You could definitely live with yourself without adding it to your collection; at the same time, it’s unlikely you would regret buying it, either. Personally, I won’t be digging it out of the lair too often in the future.

How and ever, run-of-the-mill and patently uninspired Black Metal as championed by Terrorizer and Kerrang! (cheers, Google, for leading me to those fawning reviews) is still better than most other things in this dull and disappointing world. And the vinyl edition looks fine; insert and lyrics included.

– Clinically despatched to the back of the net and Italy have won another World Cup!!!!!!!!!!

Not a very original penalty, though, was it?

Evilometer: 333/666