POSSESSION – 1585-1646 MLP (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Possession - 1585-1646 MLPIt’s just 25 minutes long and features only four tracks (plus an intro), but damned if this MLP doesn’t indelibly highlight Possession as an exciting new act to keep a very close eye on. From start to finish, ‘1585-1646’ (which seems to be a concept mini-album of sorts, about a witch) brims with genuine underground malevolence, just the way Black Metal and Death Metal should.

This is a ripping piece of alchemy that not alone whets the appetite for the Belgians’ debut full-length but stands tall and brazen as a highly significant release in its own right. Makes me feel like I did when I first started listening to Black Metal more years, nay decades, ago than I care to fucking remember.

And anything that manages to make me feel younger is monumental…

Evilometer: 666/666