BLACK FEAST- LARENUF JUBILEUM LP (Iron Bonehead Productions / Nuclear War Now!)

Black Feast - Larenuf JubileumMy knowledge of Black Feast is non-existent. ‘Larenuf Jubileum’ collates demo, split, advance tape and promo material from this little-known (to me, at least) entity onto one record, which boasts the production values of a kick to the sac. I decided to take a chance on this on a hunch (due largely to the labels involved) and I got more or less what I was expecting.

For the most part, it sounds like an improvised live rehearsal; rabid, unstructured and uncouth. Therein lies the charm! ‘Larenuf Jubileum’ delivers authentic, unforced and unpretentious underground bestial black death madness where the disdainful, indifferent, outsider attitude is more important than the quality of the music and / or recording.

Once you transcend the clutter and clang, it is – either by accident or design – a rather great analogue seduction.

Evilometer: 555/666