Precaria - Precaria Ex HumanitasHere is the true sound of the underground. My, how the original spirit of Black Metal has been diluted and corrupted down through the decades! Mercifully, albums like ‘Precaria Ex Humanitas’ appear every now and then to keep the flame burning.

While laughable entities like Abigor, Burzum, Watain and Goatmoon (have you heard their latest abomination?) gain in popularity as they posture and pose and claim to be somehow playing Black Metal, Precaria is almost predestined to remain forever entrapped in the deepest Mexican underground. Yet, ironically, their music embodies the essence of everything Black Metal is supposed to be: eerie, raw, shrill, otherworldly, buzzing, lo-fi, enchanting.

Superbly conceived and executed, ‘Precaria Ex Humanitas’ contains six lengthy tracks of sublime, spiritual old-school blackness that stretch out across 52 rewarding minutes. This is the rare antidote to mainstream, horrendous pretenders and I just hope some label has the courage and / or means to one day grant it a vinyl release. Stunning.

Evilometer: 666/666