Set - Upheaval Of Unholy DarknessI purchase more NWN albums than my accountant or wife would ideally recommend and, I must concede, they do not always hit the spot. Most times, however, I am left with a smile on my face. Set’s debut full-length record, ‘Upheaval Of Unholy Darkness’ is one such occasion. More Death Metal than Black Metal, but definitely containing ingredients from both subgenres, this album serves up some fine underground darkness.

Minimal use of samples adds to the horror-score feel of the record and the inclusion of lyric sheet, sticker and patch with the regular edition (assuming there hasn’t been an error in what I got) should have the crazy hounds in the pack howling their approval.

All in all, this is a solid slab of amply atmospheric yet raw and ravenous UG US black death that should terrify and comfort you in equal measures. Not quite of the ridiculously high standard of an Antediluvian or a Portal but vastly superior to most other masqueraders, to be fair.

Evilometer: 555/666