SKÁPHE – SKÁPHE² (Fallen Empire Records)

Skáphe - Skáphe²Been listening to both Skáphe full-lengths on vinyl (released simultaneously…) around the clock these past few days and I’m having quite the trip. While ‘Skáphe’ is immense in its own right, ‘Skáphe²’ beat it hands down and is one of the most extraordinary ambient Black Metal records I’ve encountered since this (quite similar, too).

There’s some sort of scratch or glitch on my copy during ‘IV’ and a shitload of static too (and the record is rough; feels like it was cut from the pressing plant using an axe), but I guess that’s just rotten luck on my behalf. Personal annoyances aside – and they are considerable – suffice to say, this one should probably be on everybody’s list.

Evilometer: 666/666