Thantifaxath - Sacred White NoiseGenerally speaking, the very idea of experimental has me running for cover. Be it experimental rules, experimental cuisine, experimental sex or – worst of all – experimental Black Metal, the word ‘experimental’ can usually be replaced by ‘impotent’, ‘halfbaked’, ‘bastardised’ or the more coarse option ‘shite’. As a rule, experimental Black Metal is shite Black Metal in disguise. Actually, not really in disguise, to be fair…  Thantifaxath is the exception that proves the rule.

Sacred White Noise’ is by no means conventional, but it is certainly still Black Metal at its core. Manic Black Metal with lots of curveballs, it manages to avoid oh so many potential pitfalls and has won itself a place in my heart. Unlike 99% of other bands who experiment and end up producing horrendous music – the much-lauded but thoroughly insipid Funereal Presence and Krallice take a bow here, please, along with all the other clowns – these anonymous Ontarians are worthy of kudos.

Evilometer: 555/666