Entartung - Peccata MortaliaI wasn’t exactly jumping out of my skin with excitement upon exposure to Entartung’s rather ordinary debut LP ‘Krypteia’, which I reviewed in a rather downbeat manner on this day last week, but ‘Peccata Mortalia’ has thankfully forged a much more favourable impression upon me. (I say ‘thankfully’ not out of any misguided sense of loyalty or sympathy towards the Germans but simply because when you invest in a band’s music then you automatically develop a vested interest in their ability to craft meaningful art.)

Tellingly, this record includes a nice A5 booklet which features lyrics and an insight into the meaning of those words as well as some choice quotes from historical figures, which offer a glimpse of Entartung’s philosophies. Suffice to say, you won’t be meeting these guys in a church any time soon. Unless they are spreading some gasoline…

I’m not sure exactly to what extent the music is actually better than the debut (feels like a lot) but the listening experience of the follow-up has certainly been enhanced greatly by the inclusion of this booklet and the opportunity to see where the band is coming from philosophically. Overall, this is a really good product and one that even tempts me to give its predecessor another spin.

Decent melodic Black Metal delivered by a deep-thinking and thereby interesting band.

Evilometer: 555/666