When the unelected globalists, technocrats and bureaucrats dictating world affairs proclaim an unswerving desire to build back better, they mean better for the elite and much, much worse for the rest of us. Before an effective rebuild can commence, pre-existing societal structures must first be dismantled and demolished. Disguised as public health measures, this is what has been playing out inexorably on the world stage over the past 18 months, with the full compliance of a frightened, indoctrinated, socially-engineered and increasingly-genetically-modified population – the vast majority of whom are deemed surplus to requirements. Through their eerily-prophetic lyrics – most notably third full-length, ‘Utopian Deception’ – Black Metal dissidents The Committee have been warning about this exact scenario for years. From their Belgian bunker, they deduce that – with the normal we knew pre-2020 gone forever – the dystopian nightmare is only beginning.

Alas, the relentless totalitarian machine is in full flow now and appears to be unstoppable. In many respects, those who are falling for the clear and obvious tyranny – and through their compliance facilitating it – are almost as culpable as whatever sinister force is behind sculpting this dystopian new world order. Thomas Gray coined the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ in 1768 – well, there sure are a lot of blissful individuals on the planet at the moment! Has there ever been an era in history when the stupidity and gullibility of the masses has been more apparent? And are the fools and imbeciles going to drag the rest of us down with them?
“First of all, thank you for this opportunity to speak our minds and thank you for your support of The Committee. We would like to state for the record that everything said in this interview should be interpreted as entertainment only. It’s important that the reader is critical and forms his own opinion based on his own solid research, critical thinking and common sense.
“Anyone who knows history (even in the politicized and distorted way it’s been filtered for us) can still see how eerily similar we tend to regress into the same pitfalls time and time again. We are venturing in the time where critical thought and common sense are being outsourced anywhere, except to the individual person. Smart phones create stupid people. For the fans of extreme music (who live on the fringes of society), this is as clear as day. There is an agenda at play and we are all in the spotlights for this freak show.
“Although we are not optimistic about the future (mainly since we haven’t seen the worst events playing out yet), we are pretty sure that “back to normal” is just an abstraction that’s being dangled in front of us in order to make us agree with any type of totalitarian agenda that’s forced upon the masses. Let’s just keep in mind that we are not going back to normal. The world as we knew it back in 2019 is over.”

If history teaches us anything, it is that we should never trust authority. Placing blind faith in those who control us is a recipe for disaster. Isn’t it remarkable that the vast majority of people still look up to their governments, believe in politicians, buy into the spin and Operation Mockingbird propaganda of the mainstream media, don’t possess the critical-thinking capacity to question the motives of unelected and obscenely influential bodies such as the World Health Organisation and World Economic Forum? I guess this is what a lifetime of brainwashing, indoctrination and conditioning achieves? It’s so easy for the few to control and manipulate the many…
“We are all products of the ‘education system’. Those of us who migrated into the world of extreme music are usually naturally critical of indoctrination and still possess within us a childlike curiosity to ask difficult questions, to learn and discover how things actually work. This curiosity can help us to avoid many mistakes and relentless propaganda. For many of us the critical moment came after the false flag events of the beginning of this new century. So many things didn’t add up. Governments and NGOs were lying through their teeth and it was pretty damn evident to anyone who bothered to look. In Belgium, we are naturally suspicious of authority and know that the rulers are infamous for covering many incriminating facts. Just look at the 1990s riddled with scandals and murders. From 2020, the sheer level of corruption tipped the scales of criticism even within the most gullible sheep. That’s definitely progress!
“People are naturally suspicious of the rulers here. That being said, the propaganda is working 24/7 in order to distract us from the real agenda. When it comes to control of the masses, the age-old strategy of creating division inside communities (under any pretence) is still the most effective way to achieve the goals of the globalists. We are seeing division and hostility everywhere in the world. This eventually leads towards a new world war. At this point, it’s a matter of survival.”

Is what we are witnessing the greatest social engineering project in human history? Clearly, since all this insanity began in Wuhan almost 18 months ago, powerful organisations, unions, governments, mainstream media outlets the world over and biased social media platforms – hiding behind disputed science and the ruthless censorship of opposing viewpoints – have been in lockstep, working to a script. The resources that have been invested into advertising the pandemic (i.e. shaping public opinion and instilling fear in the masses) has been extraordinary. That alone should be enough to make people suspicious?
“The signs of the agenda are everywhere. From Virginia guide stones to the shameless saliva splattering blabber about ‘stakeholder capitalism’ and ‘great reset’ uttered by the WEF puppets. The agenda is eugenics – reduction of the world population and the official ending of private ownership of property. We are looking at the era of the United East India Trading Company 2.0 with a friendly user interface and a one button order system. The agenda is literally ‘more for them and less for us’. It’s been active for a long time now, but it definitely kicked into overdrive since the beginning of the ‘flu outbreak.
“The most effective weapon of the agenda is the newspeak language that’s aggressively pushed onto the masses. The new language is there to turn the future abattoir for humanity into a health resort with endless entertainment. To turn shackles into freedom and to turn slavery into blind patriotism and obedience. It’s blatantly evident at this point for anyone who cares to look.
“In the past, extremists were people on the fringes of society. These days, extremists are the people who are keeping a long-term relationship, starting a family and raising normal healthy children free from political agendas. Also, the extremists are the ones who start their own businesses and don’t rely on the social security system for their survival.”

Sometimes it feels like we are extras in a science fiction movie or perhaps rats in a lab. Do you have any theories as to what exactly has been going on specifically since early 2020? Personally, I’ll openly admit that I am in the dark. However, I’m pretty sure that the official narrative is NOT what is happening because there are too many red flags, lies and inconsistencies. Some of it might be true, but not all of it. Was this all planned as a means of ushering in the new era of global totalitarianism or is the genuine arrival of a virus being exploited by technocrats and psychopaths? Is it part of the Great Reset and Agenda 21? It feels very convenient that this virus appeared when it did – the response to it has turned the world upside down. The cure has been way worse than the disease could ever have been…
“Since most of the people have the attention span of a TikTok video and the memory of a goldfish, let’s take a look at 2019. At that time, we were already on the brink of a collapse. There was a repo crisis in the banking system, as well as a total collapse of the pension system and healthcare; worldwide protests were taking place (yellow vests, anyone?) and the nuclear reactor of social unrest was reaching a critical point of meltdown.
“One might say that the ‘flu has solved so many problems for the globalists that it’s naïve to assume it happened by accident. Lockdowns have solved the mass protests, the experimental gene therapy will solve the problem of failing pension systems and the mythical ‘overpopulation’ that the globalists are so worried about. After all, too many people are difficult to control.
“The upcoming financial markets collapse will solve the problem of people having too much private property and Universal Basic Income (built on top of a blockchain-based digital world currency) will solve the problem of people having real assets in their possession. Insect-based protein and soylent green are coming too.
“Yes, the ‘flu has come at exactly the right time and it’s doing what it’s been designed to do.”

For a virus with a 99.7% survival rate and which poses little or no threat to young and healthy people, the response has been hysterical. Endless lockdowns, the systematic destruction of livelihoods and independent businesses, the erosion of basic civil liberties, the cessation and reframing of international travel, ludicrous mask mandates, 24/7 fear porn on TV and online, the dismantling of culture and arts and of course massive, unforgivable delays in treatments of other medical conditions – physical and mental. The effects will be felt for years if not decades – and that’s assuming that any of this ever ends!
“We are very fortunate to have been spared the ordeal of propaganda, largely due to the aggressive mass media diet. The hysteria has been in overdrive since day one. Usually that means we’re being distracted from something even bigger. In order to bring the world to its knees, the next step should be playing out this autumn. The global cyber attack false flag operation is actively being discussed at this time.
“The effects of the next false flag should lead to desperation and apathy. There should be food shortages and an artificial deficit of fuels, household products and many items that are needed for daily survival. While we have been trained like dogs to use digital bank payments for the past two years, what would happen if this system stops working even for one week? What would happen if the zombie box stops playing films? When the computer and smartphone stops streaming music? We are looking at very interesting times, to say the least. We are slowly seeing these preparations taking place now.
“Again, the best course of action is to know about this and expect the worst. Life is not going back to normal any time soon. That is guaranteed.”

Then we have the inevitable appearance of the so-called vaccine, produced in miraculous time by criminal organisations with a proven track record for harming people and for invariably putting profit before health. The masses are lining up to be injected with an experimental potion that they don’t even need and Big Pharma is planning to put this stuff into children, who don’t suffer any severe symptoms from the virus in the first place. Considering that these mRNA ‘vaccines’ have never before been licensed for use in humans and are authorised for emergency use only (and are still in their Phase III clinical trial phase until 2023), should we not be extremely concerned about what the long-term repercussions might be?
“Most people who blindly agree to the untested gene therapy cannot be reasoned with. They have made up their minds and we cannot convince them of anything. All that’s left is to wait until the ‘side effects’ manifest themselves. No doubt the main ‘side effects’ will be found in the human reproductive system. After all, this has been the agenda for years now.
“The level of propaganda for the jab baffles all belief. Something that’s being promoted so much should automatically activate the bullshit radar of any normal human being. It’s extremely important to do proper research before subscribing to a guinea pig status.”

Many predicted from the off that Covid-19 would be used as a Trojan horse to introduce vaccine passports. True to form, the European Digital Certificate has arrived – a totally unethical initiative which effectively facilitates apartheid and the introduction of a two-tiered society. Apparently, this is going to be reviewed in a year but it is surely more likely to be modified or updated than removed. Any logical, clear-thinking person can see that this certificate has nothing to do with a virus. Domestic vaccine passes are being fast-tracked into law as we speak in France, the UK and Ireland to mention just a few of the globalist poster children. They will inevitably follow everywhere else and those who refuse to be experimented upon will become second-class citizens – even though the alleged health benefit of these ‘passes’ is an illusion.  Remember, a person who has been vaccinated can still contract and transmit the virus, so they are not immune but are assumed as such. Another attempt to coerce us into succumbing to the experimental concoction?
“The gene therapy digital ID (that’s completely in violation of pretty much all freedoms and also the Nuremberg code) is another step towards the implantable RFID tag that everything is going towards. Combine this with the blockchain-based system of registration and you have a totalitarian digital dictatorship. Normal people must never accept this tyranny.
“Next step in this plan is the ‘internet of things’ and ‘smart cities’. Be very vigilant when you hear these two newspeak terms. The idea is still the same. A complete system of slavery. A life of total control where we own nothing and are happy about it. Our freedom of mobility is stripped and our consumption is rationed to the single calorie (all for the sake of an eco-fascist utopian doctrine).
“It looks like the predictive programming of the dystopian movies is playing out in front of us. The ‘extremists’ will have to move to the countryside, produce their own food and live a much freer life than the smart city dwellers. It’s just a matter of time.”

I suppose, at the end of the day, those of us who do not frequent the corridors of power (wherever they are…) will never know exactly what is going on. We can only base our guesswork on the limited information that filters through to us – and that is hardly reliable. The crumbs of information that land on our plates are probably supposed to arrive there! While we might not have answers, to question everything and to be sceptical seems logical, rather than trusting forces not worthy of trust?
“The misanthropic ideology of the rulers has been there in the open for a long time and it should serve as a benchmark for measuring world events against. It’s eugenics, population reduction, eco-fascism and much more.
“When you see a certain event playing out seemingly by accident, it’s a good way to weigh it against the general ideology of the globalists and suddenly things start to make much more sense. These days critical thinking should be on high alert at all times.”

In an Orwellian future (which is already here), the old normal will never return and who knows what kind of totalitarian, authoritarian abomination we will be granted in its place. It looks like we could be doomed – is there any way out of this mess?
“Everything starts with awareness. Like the protagonist from the movie The Network said: ‘you have to be mad as hell and you don’t have to take it anymore’. The energy should be directed into productive means – education, entrepreneurship and development. The propaganda is aimed at making people docile and passive, to create desperation.
“This is what people must avoid at all costs. A free and rational individual is not susceptible to this propaganda. This individual is busy building a better future for himself and his family.”

What does it all mean for the future of live music events? Are festivals going to become viable again going forward? Will they only be accessible to those who comply? Should bands stand up to tyranny and refuse to perform at events where vaccines and testing and other impositions are mandated? Is a split in society and the formation of a new counter culture inevitable?
“The trend of playing ‘live streaming’ rehearsals is too foreign to us. It’s something that we won’t be participating in. While we cannot speak for other bands, we are firm in our belief that it’s 100% necessary to avoid live events and festivals that force medical tyranny onto the visitors. Metal is changing forever.”

As an international act, with members in different territories, has the turmoil and madness of the past 18 months had a detrimental impact on The Committee? Have many gigs and festivals that you were scheduled to participate in been cancelled? How long has it been since you last performed live? Do you have any concerts in the pipeline and have you had to cancel any appearances due to your opposition to vaccination / testing mandates?
“At this moment all but one of our members reside in Belgium. Having an international collective of members is pretty common here. Of course we have had some delays in live rituals. It’s unavoidable. A lot has shifted to 2022. Our last show was in 2019 and we do not play any shows where medical tyranny is being pushed upon the visitors and bands.”

Your brilliant third full-length, ‘Utopian Deception’, was released last summer. I assume it was written and recorded long before the so-called pandemic struck but it was more uncannily prophetic than even you probably dared to imagine!
“I leave the masses to their bidding. Those maggots wriggle in silence.
In vain, welded to their screens.
They swallow whole of truth. Extremists wage their wars on psyche,
on status quo. One percent is in control.
Future is mine!
The change will come, wrapped in emotions
Credible lies weaken their minds. Obey!
We’re meant to stand in the spotlights.
Destroy established norms. Obey!”
I’m assuming you take no pleasure from seeing many of the things you have been warning about in your lyrics for years starting to unfold at such a rapid and ominous pace?
“‘Utopian Deception’ took us three years to complete. Yes, we derive absolutely no pleasure from seeing this story playing out. The album is mainly focussed on the art of social engineering and how skilfully it’s used in order to push forth any destructive ideology upon the masses. It’s ironic how relevant this album is today. The fact that it has been understood correctly by our fans and supporters is simply amazing.”

Did the fact that you were unable to tour in support of the album spoil your plans at all? Did the hysteria surrounding the so-called pandemic affect The Committee’s activities in any other way? With modern technology, international boundaries don’t seem to pose any barrier to composing and recording music… I would imagine that 2020/21 has provided you with plenty of inspiration / ideas for new material – are there any new recordings in the works?
“Due to life’s complexities and the personal plans of all of our members we cannot do any tours at this point. That was the case even before the ‘flu lockdowns. We will play a select few shows that are planned for 2022 with lots of pleasure and enthusiasm.
“Even before the 2020 events, we have had ideas for two more albums and these will be worked on as soon as possible. We still have many stories to tell and this work is our No.1 priority together with life’s urgent events.”