THE TRUE WERWOLF – ENDLESS JOURNEYS 2LP (Final Agony Records / Astral Temple)

The True Werwolf - Endless JourneysThere are 15 songs on this double-vinyl, taken from assorted demos from 2003-2005 and allegedly remastered. I have to say this is about as close to Special Needs Black Metal as you’re ever going to get. I would be ashamed of my life if my boss or friends or even my wife caught me listening to ‘Endless Journeys’; I prefer to listen along in solitude.

Because, regardless of how retarded and ridiculous the so-called slaughters and curses on these records sound, I fucking love them and have been known to pogo around the living room in the dark like a spastic whilst listening along. No gatefold jacket but a neat booklet-cum-tome is included and this was worth every red cent of the €30 plus postage invested.

Black Metal made by a freak and aimed at mongs like me. Can’t believe they spelt Journeys correctly…

Evilometer: 666/666