THRONE OF KATARSIS – VED GRAVEN LP (Blut & Eisen Productions)

Throne Of Katarsis - Ved GravenThrone of Katarsis is one of the truly great Black Metal bands. Everything about their music is fantastic, from the unsettling cold atmosphere and chilling dynamics to the genuinely demonic ferocity, eerie imagery and accomplished execution. The Norwegians have consistently produced some of the most monumental raw, atmospheric Black Metal of the last seven years and everything they touch turns to black gold.

Ved Graven is as close to a perfect Black Metal record as you could wish to get. Skilfully balancing sheer aggression with glorious, uplifting majesty, Throne of Katarsis’ third full-length – originally released on CD by a cunt of a label three years ago and now committed to vinyl for the first time – is a soaring work of art that belongs in every collection.

Evilometer: 666/666