RIDE FOR REVENGE – ENTER THE GAUNTLET 2LP (Bestial Burst / Northern Heritage)

Ride For Revenge - Enter The GauntletIt’s easy to review a Ride For Revenge LP so I will keep it short and sweet. ‘Enter The Gauntlet’ is another exhilarating contribution to add to a growingly-monstrous canon. At 73 minutes, it’s also by far and away the band’s longest full-length to date and the magnificent, demented 24-minute ‘The Fog Is Green And Pungent’ – which takes up all of Side B – has to be heard to be believed.

Everything RFR does is mandatory and this is more of the same trademark brilliance that I’ve come to know and love. No Watain- or Burzum-like departures up their own anuses to be found here. The double-vinyl edition comes in a gatefold home with lyrics included. Awesome stuff.

Evilometer: 666/666