VOLAHN – AQ’AB’AL 2LP (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Volahn - Aq'ab'alVolahn’s second full-length, ‘Aq’ab’al’, is a truly mesmerising work from start to finish, an intensely personal statement from one Eduardo Ramírez, the sole visionary and mastermind behind this unique act and also the leading figure in the legendary Black Twilight Circle cult.

Full of cultural and historical significance to the creator, the music on here pays tribute to the ancient dynasties of Volahn’s ancestry with almost an hour of incredible, genuinely esoteric, original and occult Black Metal. Soaring and majestic at times, then crazed and entranced, this LP is utterly remarkable on so many levels.

The focussed vision of Volahn is evident in every detail of this glorious vinyl package, from the magnificent music itself through to the amazing artwork adorning the gatefold jacket as well as the choice of vinyl colour (there will be no black vinyl edition of ‘Aq’ab’al’, at Eduardo’s request, I have been reliably informed).

A poster and booklet with additional drawings and lyrics (written in Spanish; English translations thrown in as a bonus) is also included to complement and complete one of the great releases of our time.

In many ways, this review is pointless as the vast majority of people who know of Volahn will already have made their minds up to purchase the album. Not really the kind of music you buy in error; not one you could regret owning either.

Evilometer: 666/666