VORDE – VORDE LP (Fallen Empire Records / Psychic Violence)

Vorde - VordeVorde is an interesting new proposition from Brooklyn, emitting a fairly unique-sounding strain of cosmic Black Metal that is hard to pin down. At a push, I would perhaps describe the debut album, ‘Vorde’, as a convergence of classic-era Mayhem and the more modern-sounding Negative Plane.

It’s very difficult (for me, at least) to depict or portray this album with any degree of accuracy and equally difficult to reach a definite verdict on it. I’ve listened to it tons of times and have yet to decide whether it’s great, good or average. At least I’m getting value for money. But I have to reach some sort of verdict and move along…

Ultimately, I really dig some parts and I’m not so keen on other passages – but, all in all, this is well above average and worthy of support. Solid Black Metal record; not-so solid review.

Evilometer: 444/666