We are living, nay existing, through unprecedented times. Never before in the history of humanity has so much changed so quickly. Or so needlessly. Incrementally and inexorably, as surely as night follows day, the pandemic in perpetuum is being used as an excuse to relieve us of our most basic human rights and bodily autonomy. While large swathes of society appear blind (or indifferent) to the frankly obscene and inexcusable levels of authoritarianism and coercion being inflicted upon populations around the globe, mercifully not everybody has been indoctrinated by the incessant, shameless spew of propaganda and manipulation, flashing fear as its main currency. Critically-thinking Wolcensmen mastermind Dan Capp has taken a firm stand against the insidious agenda to subjugate mankind and it was a tremendous honour to speak to this inspirational musician and artist about why mankind should never be a willing facilitator in its own enslavement; just how abnormal and constrained the ‘new normal’ promises to be; and the greatest lie ever told … that we can all have our old lives back once we agree to become guinea pigs for the loathsome criminals at Big Pharma and their crooked cabal of co-conspirators.

It seems like a different lifetime now but it was only last year. Gullibly watching television one otherwise gloriously uneventful weekday evening, I was exposed to terrifying footage of dead bodies piling up on the streets of Wuhan, some so terminally ill they bowled over on the spot. Dead in a heartbeat. Little did I realise that the infection allegedly killing these people was going to be the least of my worries as the story unfolded inexorably over the ensuing months! I can distinctly remember being genuinely concerned about this virus potentially spreading across the globe but, even back then, in those pre-pandemic days, as the opening shots were being fired so to speak, you already sensed that something else was being played out. How were you able to see through it so early? Were you expecting these events? Where did you detect the warning signs?
“I had already, for many years, been aware of a longstanding agenda to subjugate mankind. I witnessed WTC7 still standing in the background of the TV screen as a BBC reporter told how it had fallen and began to research the lies we’re fed by media and government. This sort of research has been a passion of mine for about half my life, alongside my creative and professional pursuits. I knew that the loss of liberty that came in the wake of 9/11 was just one further stop along the road to the total enslavement of humanity; earlier stages of which were the inception of private central banking, income tax and the destruction of community and family that has damaged the western world for decades.
“In more recent years I had been studying the Chinese social credit system and I knew that the architects of global culture had a similar design for the West. I’ve always been wary of technological advancements because things like social media and the smartphone centralise surveillance and control of people’s speech and expression. I’ve never adopted smartphone use for this reason. When I saw footage of Chinese people falling dead in the street, I initially found it strange, but I was also aware that alternative media was being used to push agendas, and quickly suspected that was the case here. I simply waited for the Western media to pick up on it and, hey presto, we started almost immediately to hear about the erosion of basic civil liberties.”

Fast forward 18 months and the world has undergone a seismic shift. It’s hard to fathom how so much has changed / deteriorated so quickly. Life is utterly unrecognisable from what it once was. The old normal we knew is gone forever and in its place we have tyranny, discrimination, control, coercion, segregation, censorship, propaganda, state dependence and the loss of all basic freedoms. Our worst fears are being played out by forces with no empathy and the pace of the relentless oppression is accelerating. Here in Ireland, on a dark Monday last month, medical apartheid was introduced by the state and I became a second-class citizen overnight – on the Tuesday, it was announced that the experimental gene therapy would be pushed on children aged 12-15. Feels like we are living through a never-ending nightmare and the argument that the virus is causing this is frankly ludicrous – how is any of this justified as a necessary response to a relatively mild respiratory illness with a negligible fatality rate in young and healthy individuals?
“None of it is justified nor logical. It’s never been about a genuine threat to public health. I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through in Ireland – worse than any other European country. I think. As nightmarish as this all is, we have to remain positive and see this largely as an opportunity to make bold leaps in our personal lives to remove ourselves from the helplessness of it all. You mentioned how quickly this has all happened, and it’s really important that we never lose sight of how extreme and unprecedented all of this is. I fear that many of our countrymen have begun to acclimatise to the ‘new normal’; something that’s not hard to do when you’re in relative material comfort. But those of us with a larger view on all of this, and of the kind of world our descendants will be left with, must never forget how drastic and tyrannical this has been… and will continue to be. We mustn’t be pacified into acceptance.”

How have we been so effectively penned into such a dystopian reality? It still feels surreal or unbelievable that the authorities – or whatever power is behind this – have managed to effect such sweeping change and to largely secure public support and approval in doing so. How have they pulled it off? How have they managed to persuade so many otherwise intelligent and educated people to believe that restrictions, masks, mass experimental injections and the destruction of livelihoods (and the health system!) are all being implemented in their best interests? Have people been traumatised by fear? Have they been subtly brainwashed somehow (either subliminally, through suggestion or the endless propaganda)? I’m at a loss as to how substantially more people don’t suspect that something sinister is afoot but instead are prepared to swallow an official narrative that doesn’t even come close to stacking up… Do large swathes of the population really not understand what true freedom is and why it is so important to preserve it at all costs?
“This is a huge topic of discussion and could swerve off down so many different avenues. Among the compliant, some of them are convinced that this is all a temporary, well-meaning government reaction to a genuine pandemic. They’ll forget how many of their liberties disappeared and won’t demand them back – just as the VAT rate never dropped back down to 17.5% from the ‘temporary’ 20% rate after the 2008 financial crisis, or just how any of the ‘temporary’ measures during war-time were never rescinded.
“Among others of the compliant, they simply don’t care about freedom – it’s an abstract concept to them which belongs in Hollywood films exclusively, or something. As long as they have an income, food, Netflix and their WhatsApp connection to friends and family, maybe an annual vacation too (something which will slowly come to an end, by the way), then they’re comfortable and secure. For many, comfort and security are vastly preferable to the unease and self-responsibility that comes with freedom. The sad truth is: real freedom is uncomfortable, and most don’t want it. We can shake our heads at that mindset, but we have to remember that this is the culmination of decades of indignity, social conditioning, moral degradation and uprootedness from the greatness of our fighting ancestors.
“You mentioned ‘trauma by fear’, and that’s another one. In a state of fear, our emotional response takes over, and humans tend to do whatever it is that will preserve their existence. We accept more absurdity in a state of fear – and when I happen to be in the home of someone who has broadcast television, I’m not surprised that they’re still walking around in face nappies and sprinting to the nearest injection-centre. The BBC here, for example, is pretty much a 24/7 sermon on the holiness of Covidianity. The propaganda is far-reaching and the faith in this new religion as pious as it is blind.”

Nations have been moving in lockstep as if they are being directed by a central source. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but throughout this so-called pandemic, they all seem to be having the exact same ideas at the exact same time, with very few outliers. The mantra is universal: take the ‘vaccine’ and you can have your old life back. We are being told that the only way to get any freedoms restored is to line up for an unproven, experimental procedure authorised for emergency use only, manufactured by criminals, still in its clinical trial phase and of disputed safety and efficacy. Where is the science in this? What is really going on with these vaccines that aren’t vaccines (as they prevent neither infection nor transmission)? Could there be something in them that we are not being told about or is society being conditioned to accept regular, routine ‘vaccination’ as the norm? And to what possible end?
“All of this is being driven by a very open agenda which all nations signed up to in 1992, called ‘Agenda 21’, and the World Health Organisation’s ‘Immunisation Agenda 2030’. This has been their goal for decades, and 2020 was the year they put the plan into action. They envisage regular shots for people of all ages and social classes from here on.
“I don’t think it’s clear yet why this is so important to them – unless you’re gullible enough to believe that government, international finance and big pharma truly care about your wellbeing. We can speculate about mRNA genetic modification and how it may render a person technically inhuman and thus not deserving of basic human rights, or the inclusion of graphene oxide in the injection which may tie someone into the Internet of Things (and social credit system) more easily. Or perhaps we could go so far as to suspect it’s an insidious plan to reduce fertility. Personally I’m open to all of the above at this point, and more, but one thing I know for sure is that this is a form of cattle-branding. Those behind this plan see us as cattle, to be branded. We are also considered to be a defeated and subjugated people, thus perhaps the vaccines are a perverse form of rape.”

The attack on children is unforgivable. There is a concerted effort to force the irreversible mRNA procedures on healthy children, who are virtually immune to this illness and for whom the risks clearly outweigh any potential benefits. The argument being given in favour of this is that ‘vaccinated’ older and more vulnerable people will be better protected if children are also injected but this is in no way logical. Why should we use our young as shields to protect the old? And if one shot doesn’t confer immunity on the recipient, how can herd immunity be achieved using this defective potion on everybody? Young people are being blackmailed into stepping forward for a treatment that they don’t need by being denied their rights and frightened into believing they might end up with Long Covid if they don’t comply. And Long Covid is surely just another fabrication – post-viral fatigue rebranded?
“Again, this only makes sense when we understand that this is not about public health but public control. We need to stop validating their nonsense by trying to rationalise it. It’s not rational.”

Some of the other major lies that have been forced down our throats relate to the purely hypothetic myth of asymptomatic transmission, the grave danger posed by variants, the effectiveness of masks and lockdowns, and now the threat posed to reopening by the ‘unvaccinated’. Furthermore, the list of alleged symptoms has been extended to include essentially every ailment under the sun. This is all based on junk science, yet when renowned scientists and virologists try to challenge it, they are shut down, discredited and ridiculed by teenage fact checkers and debunkers. You couldn’t make it up (although that’s precisely what is being done).
“Sorry to seemingly offer another lazy answer, but I just don’t waste my time trying to rationalise it anymore in accordance with their narrative. Their narrative is a lie, and their intentions are nefarious.”

The criminal role of the mainstream media in incessantly spreading fear and shamelessly promoting the gene therapy has been shocking. The state broadcaster here in Ireland has made a fortune since the pandemic started and I’m sure a similar scenario applies in many countries. The media appears to be bought and sold by Big Pharma and so too do governments and public health advisory bodies. It’s astonishing when you follow the money and look at the ties the World Economic Forum, WHO, government ministers, NPHET in Ireland and SAGE in the UK, all branches of the media (including social media and tech giants) and the European Medicines Agency all have with Big Pharma. It’s staggering how large and intertwined the web is. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – all totally compromised. To suggest there are conflicts of interest is an understatement – they are all players on the same team!
“Yes, this is a good observation. Once you realise that these – the media, pharma, government, finance, WHO, NPHET, Sage and the WEF – are all parts of the same exploitative machine, it’s easy to see how they can pull a heist on an unsuspecting public. In fact, it’s harder to see why or how they wouldn’t. Pharma wants our money. Media sells us the product. Government borrows it from international finance and buys the product on our behalf – all without our explicit consent. Then social pressure and the force of law administer the product to justify it all and get us hooked. It’s like being governed by the most sophisticated drug cartel imaginable – one which has its hand in every facet of our lives. Of course, it’s about more than just money, but it’s a big part. You could almost liken the public to a drugged up whore being raped repeatedly, thinking that her pimp (government) is looking out for her while he extorts drug money on behalf of his shady friends.”

In a way, we shouldn’t be surprised to see our basic freedoms and liberties snatched away from us in such a sustained manner. Ordinary citizens of the world were never as free as we believed – it was just an illusion. Ultimately, we could only do or have what the 1% allowed us to do or have. Thus, it was surely inevitable that a day would come when the elite would decide that Joe and Josephine Soap, the single mothers, the working class zero, the plebs, the commoners, the useless eaters and those not in the club were having it too good. Time to rein them in … less for them and more for us: The Great Reset. A massive transfer of wealth and control. It makes perfect sense from the perspective of those at the top of the food chain but is catastrophic for everybody else.
“It’s a plan that’s been built upon, step-by-step. What they’ve achieved these last 18 months wouldn’t have been possible say 100 years ago, without all of the drip-fed cultural changes and technological advances. The people behind this are, at best, psychopaths of the highest order. They despise the rest of humanity and view us as cattle to be controlled and exploited.”

The future looks bleak. Is it now inevitable that a cashless society and universal basic income are going to follow? Artificially-created food shortages and cyber-attacks also look imminent as those who inhabit the corridors of power have a habit of signposting their intentions (perhaps out of mockery). Or can this be stopped somehow? The ability of many to earn an independent living has been taken away with small businesses crushed. More people than ever are becoming dependent on state income and this will inevitably lead to a reversal of the relationship between ordinary civilians and the authorities. Instead of them serving us (as taxpayers), we must serve them (as social credit slaves). It’s a scary thought what kind of world our children are going to inherit – and I haven’t even mentioned the looming spectre of AI or the coming climate change emergencies…
“I do think the things you mention here are inevitable, but that’s not to say that the victory of these global tyrants is assured. The seeds of these things were sown long ago and can’t be un-sown, especially with the blind compliance of the majority now confirmed. What is not inevitable is how we, those aware of the threat, choose to move forward. We have a choice as to whether we accept all of these changes and continue to live within the society that demands them, or whether we take a bold step away from it all and find an alternative way of being. I firmly believe that, on an esoteric level, victory for those who have foisted this upon us requires that we submit and surrender. Were they to use force on us, it would be a failure for them, but I’m aware that what I’m writing here is somewhat cryptic so I shan’t expand.”

Realistically, how far could this go or how bad could it get? With the population successfully segregated and bodily integrity shredded as governments claim jurisdiction over what substances should go into our bodies, could the war on the ‘unvaccinated’ result in people being barred from entering shops, from schools and healthcare? From work and social welfare? I know it sounds extreme but is it practical to start stocking up on supplies, growing one’s own food and being prepared to go off the grid entirely?
“When this whole thing started, I immediately saw where it was going – all of the above are plausible. First it’ll be the less-essential services such as gyms, venues, clubs and restaurants. Then schools and welfare, then healthcare last of all – because this would be the biggest affront to basic human rights: to demand people pay taxes for a healthcare service they’re no longer able to use. I certainly think that a bar on all these things is plausible enough that those of us who will not have the injection should prepare for the day when we lose access to them. If it never comes to that, it’s a bonus, but preparation is never an exercise in futility.”

You made a decision very early on that you were going to speak out against what can only be described as authoritarianism, tyranny and an obscene over-reach of state involvement in day-to-day life. Why did you feel compelled to do this and to risk incurring wrath, ridicule and rejection? Although they are based in ignorance, the tiresome tinfoil hat, far-right, anti-vaxx, flat-earther and Covidiot slurs are both hurtful and infuriating. Would it have been easier to bite your tongue and just stay silent?
“Not for me, no. I wanted to reserve my place on the right side of history, and to be able to look my children in the eyes one day and tell them I fought for their future. Staying silent while this control grid was thrown up around us, while knowing what the ultimate aim was, would have been very difficult for me. I don’t care about the ridicule, and I pay no heed to the type of person who cannot approach this debate in good faith, so here’s another trinket for them: I wholeheartedly believe that I was ‘called’ to this particular fight by my gods and ancestors. When I look back over my life at the often inexplicable or serendipitous events which put me or kept me on the path to where I am, I can only conclude that I was being prepared by some hidden force for the times we’re living through. I think many of us were. The work colleague who introduced me to Graham Hancock’s work and alternative history when I was a teenager, the music that introduced me to Pagan ethics and esoterica, 9/11 which taught me that the media lies, the wife who stands firmly by my side, Wolcensmen which gave me a voice, and various dreams which urged me to do what I’ve done… just to name a few examples.”

Are your surprised or disappointed that others (particularly influential musicians or sportspeople) have not spoken out and why do you think this is so – are they oblivious to what is happening, do they not care, or are they afraid of sticking their heads above the parapet and jeopardising their reputations or social standing?
“Sadly, I think it’s the latter. Most musicians I know are aware that what’s going on is at the very least fishy if not downright concerning, but their priority is simply to get back to touring and playing festivals, and almost all of them will do whatever’s necessary to achieve that. They’re turning a blind eye to the seriousness of what’s emerging. I’m sorry to say, but they’re sorely deluded if they think 2019 is coming back. They might be granted a few windows of opportunity for tours and festivals, vaccine passport in hand, performing in front of audiences corralled like cattle, but live music ain’t going back to how it used to be. I just wish more of my peers would realise that this is the hill to die on. My greatest disappointment is reserved for those in the traditionally anti-establishment genres of Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Neo-Folk. They’ve proven to be sheep in wolves’ clothing.”

Art and culture have taken an almighty battering (and have, in truth, been treated with contempt by the authorities). As a musician, how severely has this impacted upon you? The indefinite cessation of live activities must have come as a massive blow and the idea of gigs returning under unacceptable conditions is surely even more depressing. I know you were organising an open-air, free-entry Wolcensmen gig recently – did that proceed as planned and if so how was it? It looks like clandestine gatherings could be the way forward for artists and fans intent on maintaining their biological integrity and inalienable freedoms?
“I mentioned earlier that I feel I was prepared specifically for this fight, and another great example of that is that I completed a Wolcensmen tour of Europe, as a lone performer, just days before the societal changes began. It was an unusual and unique tour for me, and it seems like it was offered as a sort of ‘parting gift’ by whatever force has compelled me to make this my crusade. Because of this I don’t feel too hard done by in terms of live musical activity. Another example: I planned to leave Winterfylleth at the start of 2020, two-three months before the so-called ‘pandemic’ arrived. I’d unknowingly begun to tie up loose ends and prepare for an end to my old touring life.
“The woodland Wolcensmen concert went really well thank you. I, and the audience, thoroughly enjoyed it and I plan to do more of these. There’s something wondrous about taking music back to its basic, organic roots like that anyhow, and this will be the way of the future… along with amplified ‘illegal’ gigs for the few and the true, which I also intend to play a part in.”

Considering that the coronavirus fraud has been consuming so much of your time and energy, have you had the opportunity to work on any new Wolcensmen material? In what might be described as a return to your Black Metal roots, you collaborated with your brother, Mark, on the debut Woses album, ‘Panspermia’, which was released digitally in December. Can you provide any further information on that recording and how it came about? Is a physical release planned? Any other current musical or related activities to disclose? You have parted company with Winterfylleth after five years in the band – why did you decide to leave? Although it has been 13 years since the first and only Speirling full-length, ‘The Piper’, was released, the band is still listed as active on Encyclopaedia Metallum – any plans for a follow-up?
“Exposing and opposed the scamdemic has been an obsession, but it’s made me happy to come to the front line and stand for something so important. Regrettably, it probably has prevented me from working on new Wolcensmen material, so I have to say at this point there are no solid plans for another album. That said, I’ve been asked to join two bands who I was previously a big fan of, and I’ve contributed guest vocals to several projects, so I’ve not been musically idle at all. I’ll have news to share of these developments in the coming months.
“It was sad to leave Winterfylleth. Those guys are among my best friends, and will hopefully continue to be. I had some amazing experiences while in the band, but it was absolutely the right decision for me to walk away when I did. Woses is my little brother’s project and he did an impressive job of pulling his vision together, despite being relatively new to guitar. He asked me to write and perform the bass parts which I very much enjoyed doing, and I think the album came out great. As with many good records, it has been unfairly overlooked by the scene and no label has so far offered to release a physical edition. I have toyed with the idea of resurrecting Speirling – I never announced its end, but also never really planned to do any more with it. I do have a collection of Black Metal riffs and ideas I plan to make an album of, but it likely won’t be under the name Speirling.”

While Wolcensmen clearly isn’t Black Metal, would you object to being referred to as a Black Metal musician performing mystical folk metal, or is that a clumsy description? You have drawn inspiration from the dark atmospheric, acoustic or synth passages deployed by ‘90s Black Metal artists to create something unique and deeply personal, steeped in Heathenism, I believe. Could you elaborate slightly (or correct me) on what Wolcensmen represents to you personally?
“I wouldn’t object to that label – other than the fact that there is no ‘metal’ element to Wolcensmen, sonically. I came to Folk and Ambient music through Black / Death / Pagan Metal, so I’ll probably always be a Metal guy playing Folk, deep down. Metal is the genre I listen to most, by far, and most of my future activities will be in that genre.
“Wolcensmen is focussed upon whisking both the listener and myself away to more mystical and meaningful worlds – worlds which once existed in our timeline and will exist again. It is steeped in a sort of unknowable nostalgia that some of us feel, for a time or place that feels like home though we’ve never been there. In the same way that some can read Tolkien’s work and know instinctively that it’s not a work of pure fiction, I’d like people to have the same knowing when they listen to my music.”

Finally, for obvious reasons, I can’t pass over the opportunity to ask you about working with Burzum. As somebody who grew up listening to Scandinavian Black Metal, how much of an honour was it to be approached to do artwork, design and layout on no fewer than five full-lengths for one of Black Metal’s most infamous and legendary forces? Did you have much interaction with Varg during this time and have you defeated the odds and remained in touch?
“It was a funny one really. Varg is nowhere near in touch enough with the scene to know which current artists to approach, so it didn’t happen that way. I happened to be working at Candlelight Records as a designer when Varg became musically active again, and as it was known what a huge Burzum fan I was (‘Hvis lyset tar oss’ may be the ultimate Black Metal record), I was basically assigned all Burzum projects. I created original art for ‘From the Depths of Darkness’, but the other records were designed using pre-existing artwork which Varg had chosen, and I designed largely to his specification.
“Varg and I worked quite closely over email and became friendly with one another. He can be a far funnier and more easy-going character than many would expect, and he came to appreciate my input into his work. We haven’t been in touch for some years now, mainly because our values differ too much, but I’ll always be a fan of his music, and am grateful to have had the unique opportunity to design so many of his records and t-shirts.
“Thanks for the excellent questions, Gerald, and for taking an active role in this global drama.”



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