MALGÖTH – GLORY THROUGH SAVAGERY (Iron Bonehead Productions)

There are no niceties or nuances deployed to alleviate the relentless aural assault that is Malgöth’s utterly ravenous and insatiable debut full-length, ‘Glory Through Savagery’ – an uncontainable, irrepressible outbreak of bestial bloodlust that is an uncompromising as it is unhinged. Visceral violence erupts through the speakers unremittingly across the record’s 41-minute duration, the sonic equivalent of demons running amok in the kingdom, contemptuously trampling all in sight underhoof. Yes, this is the embodiment of true evil unharnessed and unleashed.

From the ominous opening emanations of ‘Throne Of Infinite Power’, which rapidly transforms into a rabid, swarming mass of cacophonous vitriol and venom, it is instantly evident that ‘Glory Through Savagery’ is going to constitute an unsettling and disturbing experience, replete with the levels of extremity that should arguably be a prerequisite in Black / Death Metal. The battery is merciless, unforgiving and gloriously debauched, chaos and carnage colliding and battling for supremacy amid a jarring detonation of deconstructed disarray.

Apart from the most fleeting of more-ambient interjections on the aforementioned ‘Throne Of Infinite Power’, ‘Executing The Weak’, ‘Cauldron Of Pus’ and most notably the otherwise poisonous parting shot, ‘The Eternal Age Of Iron’, ‘Glory Through Savagery’ remains punishing and pummelling throughout, in the manner of Revenge, Nyogthaeblisz or even Tetragrammacide and is graced with the most inhumane, unearthly, bestial and absurdly deranged vocals bellowed forth since Mylingar’s ghastly sophomore full-length, ‘Döda Själar’.

A delirious demonstration of bestial, warmongering pandemonium, this is the epitome of the underground, each bludgeoning, blasphemous rite comprising a battalion of frenzied riffs, pulverising drums and tormented screams of the damned blended together to form a maelstrom of malicious malevolence. A challenging listen, but assuredly a refreshing and rewarding one.

Evilometer: 666/666