WORMLUST – THE FERAL WISDOM LP (Demonhood Productions)

Wormlust - The Feral WisdomThe debut full-length from Wormlust really is something very special. There’s not much hype or fanfare surrounding this release but ‘The Feral Wisdom’ contains a great brew of ambience, horror, spacey-ness and Black Metal. The ambient parts appear mostly on Side B, while the more intense Black Metal passages largely dominate the first side of the record.

There’s a nice balance, a lovely mix of insanity and atmosphere and – even though the four lengthy songs don’t even reach the 40-minute mark – there’s more than enough brilliance here to get your teeth into. If you’d like to hear what a hybrid of Leviathan and Darkspace might sound like, give this unsung Icelandic gem a try.

Evilometer: 666/666