BEHEXEN – THE POISONOUS PATH 2LP (Debemur Morti Productions)

Behexen - The Poisonous PathBehexen belongs in the pantheon of Black Metal greats. What a motley crew of cunts that would be! Consistently brilliant over the course of five full-lengths, they may have carried out some minor surgery on their core sound over the years, but sheer excellence has remained an uncanny constant.

I’m too shallow and lowest-common-denominator to have a preferred Behexen era – I enjoy each and every release and let others debate the bullshit. Fact: here is one of the finest Black Metal entities of all time unleashing another welcome tome of otherworldly blasphemy.

Ten unsacred hymns; 56 minutes, two vinyls; stunning gatefold cover with attached booklet; what’s not to recommend? Well, the etching on Side D, perhaps. Hate those but I can live with it.

Evilometer: 666/666