HERMÓÐR – KRIGSTID LP (Amor Fati Productions)

Hermóðr - KrigstidEven though Hermóðr‘s output on sophomore full-length, ‘Krigstid’, can only just about be described as Black Metal, with the acoustic-based nature of the material making it more mellow and melancholic than menacing or evil, it’s still a real shame that the vinyl edition of the album is the shortest of all.

Seven tracks appear on the initial cassette release; five on the tape reissue; five on the CD; just four on the record. It appears that this release is getting shorter with each passing month!

If you think this is selling the discerning black wax buyer short, wait until you see 20 Buck Spin’s frankly-ludicrous proposal for the vinyl edition of Ævangelist’s fourth LP (a 14-minute track which constitutes a quarter of the recording omitted but offered in MP3 format, I shit you not)…

Anyway, back on topic, ‘Krigstid’ still delivers some 42 minutes of sombre, melodic, angst-ridden BM and is reasonably enjoyable.

Evilometer: 333/666