NIGHTBRINGER – EMANATION LP (Daemon Worship Productions)

Nightbringer - EmanationInitially conceived on humble CD five years ago, ‘Emanation’ collates six rare / demo tracks from the earliest incarnation of Nightbringer onto one potentially-lethal disc of black wax. While the music on this record is not as essential as any of the band’s full-length’s proper – or, indeed, the two most-recent splits – it’s still really good stuff and is well worth investigating (and not just for completists, either).

Although lacking flow and focus for obvious reasons, and decidedly rawer than the sophisticated beast that has just unleashed the sensational ‘Ego Dominus Tuus’, ‘Emanation’ is an interesting historical document that also stands alone as a genuinely worthy release from one of the most relevant Black Metal bands of our time.

I for one am pleased that this compilation has seen the light of day on vinyl.

Evilometer: 555/666