Orlok - Black Funeral HolocaustSomewhere along the way, the true meaning of Black Metal has been lost. It was never about who can sell the most records, who can get signed to a bigger label or who is the most technically proficient at playing their instrument(s). Black Metal is supposed to be an expression of hatred, contempt and defiance. It is music for outsiders and it should therefore be performed by outsiders.

Orlok gets this. Werwolf doesn’t give one flying fuck whether you like his music or not. In fact, he would probably prefer if you hated it. Because he hates you. That is clear in everything he does and says. ‘Black Funeral Holocaust’ is proper Black Metal – raw, misanthropic, Satanic and full of negative energy.

It has become increasingly difficult to find genuine, sincere Black Metal that is imbued with non-commercial sentiment, that shies away from the mainstream and carries the torch of hate (thus the dearth of posts here recently). Let’s be clear, people are scum. The world is teeming with worthless, pitiful beings who are deserving only of death. Death and pain and suffering should be celebrated. Because we are all cunts.

At a time when dumb fucks like Satyricon, Watain, Burzum, Abigor, Nachtmystium (I could go on and on and on with that list…) are doing everything in their power to completely misrepresent Black Metal and bastardise it beyond recognition, Orlok is a welcome dose of reality.

Evilometer: 666/666