RHINOCERVS – RH-07 MLP (Final Agony Records)

Rhinocervs - RH-07This is the third of the much-coveted and hyped Rhinocervs tapes to get the vinyl treatment and I am pretty sure there are more to come. Unleashed at the start of the year, it is limited to a mere 333 units.

Are there 333 suckers out there who want to part with more than the price of most full-length albums for 24 minutes of lethargic, sleep-inducing, spacey, psychedelic Black Metal that’s neither one thing nor another nor another? No doubt. Alas, I am one such fool.

The seventh track is enjoyable but, generally speaking, ‘RH-07’ is a truly boring, painfully lacklustre, somewhat contrived, predominantly-instrumental record that sounds like wallpaper falling off a tree.

Evilometer: 111/666