IL’ITHIL – IA’WINDE LP (Psychic Violence Records)

Il'Ithil - Ia'WindeMust admit I’m not fully sure what exactly this band is called as it’s difficult to make out what’s a capital ‘I’ and what’s a lower case ‘l’ but I’m guessing it’s big I + small l + apostrophe + big I + t + h + small i + small l … il’ithil with capital ‘i’s (capitalise) or something, who knows and who cares? Suppose it’s neither here nor there seeing I can’t fucking pronounce most band names anyway (and rarely speak them).

So, Il’Ithil is the solo project of Blake from Wolvserpent and ‘Ia’Winde’ offers two tracks of hazy, shrill, mysterious, sort-of-ambient, sort-of-cascadian / cascading Black Metal that will for sure appeal to fans of Fell Voices and Ash Borer. A tad short at 27 minutes but a fine record nevertheless.

Evilometer: 555/666